Why Home Birth?

There are several evidence base studies that prove planed home birth to be safe,

why home birth?

Ivannah Luccia Goitia-Lopez 10-8-2012

and associated with lower rates of  medical procedures for healthy and low risk pregnant woman, under the care of a qualified provider.
U.S is within the developed contries with one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates.
List of countries by infant mortality rates
List of countries by maternal mortality rates

These statistics are the results of the usual, and unnecessary medical intervention of a natural process that does not need to be controlled (labor inductions, epidurals, episiotomy, cesarean section, etc.)
By intervening in the natural process of birth, a snow ball effect occurs that end up in an emergency situation, that wasn’t meant to be.
Is Home Birth Right For Me?
These are few questions to ask yourself to help you in the process of this important decision.
Close your eyes and imagine the birth of your baby.
  • What do you picture?
  • What are my feelings about birth?
  • What makes me feel safe?
  • Why do I want my baby born at home?
  • Am I healthy?
  • Do I eat consciously?
  • Am I willing to be an active participant on the birth of my baby, and take responsibility?
  • Who do I want to have as part of my birth team?
  • Am I willing to labor naturally without pain medication?

(Labor is like a marathon that you prepare for: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically . You have a team that empowers you, and brings comfort measurements that helps you cope with the intensity of labor.) With the right support anything in life is possible

Choosing a Caregiver
The journey you are about to begin is one of the most important in your life. It is worth to take some time on researching your options, and interviewing at least 3 midwives and/or doctors. When you meet the provider that is right for you, you will know.
Bring a list of questions to the consultant and reassure you get all the information you want; To make an informed choice. Tips and tools for finding a care giver.

New Home Birth Study from the MANA Statistics Dataset Shows That Planned Home Birth with Skilled Midwives is Safe for Low-Risk Pregnancies:

1. Home Birth Data

2. Planned Home Birth with Skilled Midwives is Safe for Low-Risk Pregnancies




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why home birth?


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