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Wolf Cannyn Folkerts Birth Story

Wolf Cannyn Folkerts 10/29/15

Wolf Cannyn Folkerts 10/29/15

I’m still on that birth high. My affirmations are still strung across the room. The Christmas  lights and balloons are still hung on the walls. My sweet smelling babe is already eight days old. I contemplated writing my birth story. There are simply no words to describe how unbelievably beautiful the whole experience was.


At only 37 weeks pregnant we were not expecting him to come but because of Marve he was welcomed the exact way we wanted. Just before midnight my water broke while I was sleeping. I called Marve just to let her know bec
ause being my first pregnancy we thought it would be a long process. She gave me instructions of what to do and told me to rest up. Less than an hour later I was in full blown labor!

DeAnna Fossett's (baby Ford) birth story

My journey into motherhood has been a quest to say the least. After a vasectomy reversal, 2 artificial inseminations and 4 invite fertilizations I finally found myself pregnant.  I guess you could say people were surprised at first by my choice to have a home birth. I’m not your “typical” homebirther people would say. Maybe because I’m an overly vain esthetician?

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Wyatt Cash Folkerts Water Birth
I knew from the beginning exactly how I wanted my birth to go. I planned on having an unmedicated natural birth. I didn’t want AROM (Artificial Rupture of Membranes) or an episiotomy. I wanted delayed cord clamping, skin to skin, breast feeding right away, and my child sleeping in my room with me.

After years of being told that I may never be able to have a baby, I’d all but given up on the idea. In November of 2012, my husband and I were thrilled to find out we were pregnant.

I have had three births with Marvelys Lopez. 
My first child, Crist, was born March 1, 2008. 
It was a long labor, 19 hours to be exact.
 It started with my water breaking at 10pm on Friday night. 
Active labor began around 6am. 



0_0_0_0_201_151_csupload_60957328Elias Christopher Gonzales

Hi my name is Sandra, and I would like to share my VBAC story with all the women out there that are doubtful about having a home birth after having had a C-section. My first child was born at a hospital back in 2008; and I had wanted to have an unmedicated birth…

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Tehani Kauatuahine Luciana Afong’s Birth

The day after my due date, 9/15/12 I woke up slow that morning relaxing in bed with my husband and our almost 2 year old. When I first use the restroom at 9:45am I notice a small amount of bloody show.

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Wolf Justus Bundschuh


I had the pleasure of having Marvelys Lopez as the midwife for the births of my two daughters and our experience could not have been better.Read more



Natasha Leah Lefkovitz’s Birth

Hello my name is Kely and this is my story:I met Marvelys through a friend of mine, who told me how amazing it had been for her to give birth in water instead of at a hospital.
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  Hannah Brielle Etnire’s Birth


 We were 25 weeks pregnant with our first child when we decided to switch from hospital birth to having a home birth. We wanted the birth of our daughter to be a special moment in our lives that we would remember as such. Read more





Sabrina’s Birth Story

0_0_0_0_173_231_csupload_5492153We would like to share our birth story and how wonderful it is to have a home birth with a wonderful, skilled professional and experienced midwife and wonderful person, Marve. We highly recommend her and will hire her for the birth of our next child. Read more




Julian Vonbork’s Birth


On August 16, I was 41 weeks and 5 days pregnant. My huge belly was measuring 47cm and I was still only 1 cm dilated and about 60% effaced. We had an ultrasound earlier in the week to confirm that the placenta was still in good shape and that the baby was still doing well.


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Birth Story of Crist Rigotti


I want to begin my birthing story thanking Marve for such a wonderful experience. If you are.considering doing a homebirth, you need to talk with Marve. She is so knowledgeable about homebirths and she is passionate about what she does. We were excited about doing a homebirth, but a little nervous because it isn’t the norm in our society today.

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Indrani O’Callaghan’s Birth


I found myself pregnant for the first time in 1998 at the age of 22. Although I had the support of my husband, family and friends I was scared to death of the unknown and believed what our culture has taught us about birth…that it is a scary, life and death situation that must be managed medically. I was induced at 37 weeks because the doctor said my baby was going to be “too big” for me to birth if I waited for labor to start spontaneously.

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Lukas Mertz Water Birth

My name is Giovanna. My son Lukas was born onAugust 8th, 2008 in the water at our home in Henderson. I spent the whole pregnancy reading about the most safe and special birth for our first baby. For sure, I did not want to experience the same frustration and fear that most of my friends had endured as they gave birth in a hospital where doctors rush the process with pitocin and use drugs (epidurals) as painkillers. It did not sound safe for me or my baby at all.

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Lukas Mertz water birth

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