Baby Isaiah Williams Birth Story


On January 19th 2015 my husband and I welcomed our baby boy to the world just before sunset.Baby Isaiah Williams Birth Story Baby Isaiah Williams Birth Story

At only 37 weeks pregnant we were not expecting him to come but because of Marve he was welcomed the exact way we wanted. Just before midnight my water broke while I was sleeping. I called Marve just to let her know because being my first pregnancy we thought it would be a long process. She gave me instructions of what to do and told me to rest up. Less than an hour later I was in full blown labor! In less than 30 minutes Marve and her team were at my door ready for action. They were all so calm getting things set up, talking in low tones that it made me feel like everything was going to be fine. Somehow they all know when and where to touch to make you feel better. The reassurance that you can do it is so powerful! I know I never would have been able to have that at a hospital. After just four and a half hours our baby boy was born. Every time the thought crossed my mind that I couldn’t do it I looked at Marve and she always had a look of determination and love and there’s no greater motivation knowing that everyone in the room is rooting for you. They are there to encourage and walk you through what we are all meant to do.

If someone would have told me a few years ago that I would give birth at home in water I would have laughed at them thinking there was no way I was going to give birth at home and without drugs. No way! Until a couple years ago I never even considered having my baby at home. I thought that only “crunchy” women would even dream of doing that and “normal” women had their babies in hospitals with the help of drugs because it just wasn’t necessary to deal with the pain of childbirth. One day I came across the documentary Business of Being Born and my whole world changed. I saw everyday women give birth to their children the way they nature intended and they were empowered because of it. I started to think maybe I could do it too. I sat down with my husband and explained it all to him thinking he would call me nuts and never agree to taking that journey with me but he surprised me and agreed that we could look into having a home birth when we decided to have children. I immediately started looking for midwives in Vegas but it wasn’t until I was around 8 weeks pregnant that I stumbled across Marve’s website. I had a feeling she would be the perfect fit and after meeting with her my husband and I decided she was who we wanted to bring our baby earth side. Marve has such a welcoming, calming and reassuring personality that you can’t help but love and trust her. She never makes you feel judged or stupid for asking questions. She takes her time at each appointment to make sure you understand what’s happening with your body and your baby. I’m by nature a “researcher” so I read books, online articles and watched several documentaries yet Marve still gave me loads of information that I didn’t know.

We had several people around us who thought we were crazy for choosing home birth. They swore I would beg for an epidural, that our baby was at risk outside of a hospital and we would regret the decisions we made but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Having our son at home was the most amazing experience we’ve ever had and choosing Marve to help us do it was the best thing we could’ve done. Words just can’t express how awesome this experience was and I tell everyone our birth story with a smile on my face because the pain is momentary…’s the memory that lasts forever.



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