Birth Story of Tehani

The day after my due date, 9/15/12 I woke up slow that morning relaxing in bed with my husband and our almost 2 year old. When I first use the restroom at 9:45am I notice a small amount of bloody show. Excited! But not anticipating a labor right away, I call my midwife Marve to let her know and excitedly tell my husband. At around 10, I start feeling cramping and some light and easy contractions. I was in complete denial, still trying to make plans to go out and “keep myself busy” for the day. I feed my son Toka breakfast where he makes his yogurt into shampoo and so we head to the bathtub to clean him up. While in there watching him play and helping him bathe I have 3 stronger but still easy contractions so I let my husband know and he makes me something small to eat and tea to drink. He then starts to fully blow up our birthing tub, light candles and play some nice music. At around 11:30 I make another call to Marve to let her know contractions have been coming consistently but still manageable. By noon, they are very consistent, longer and stronger, but I am still laughing and playing around with my husband and son that I didn’t notice my birth story had even started. Around 1 o’clock, I remember feeling one contraction where I told my husband “after this one you have got to make me call the midwife back, this is it.” Luckily by 1:45 my husband had put my son down for his afternoon nap so that we could relax and focus on these surges together. Around 2 o’clock they were coming every few minutes and it felt like
I was having them more often then not. In perfect timing my wonderful midwife shows up with her assistant and they set up their supplies and are with me massaging and helping me through a my contractions, it is then that I have 3 right on top of another starting to get pretty intense. She says I can get in the tub to relax, (I was still thinking it would be a very long time until I meet my baby girl, still in denial of labor and what was happening, so much excitement and dreaming building up to this point, could it really be time?!) At 2:40 I get in the tub and it feels so good, I was in awe of how good it could feel. I rode out the next few contractions with ease with my husband and midwives by my side. It wasn’t soon after getting into the tub that the intensity really started, things were moving along, and so fast that by 3:25 I was in transition having very strong and intense surges, followed by an overwhelming feeling of warmth, then followed by needing ice water dripped down my back to even make it through, my midwives were so great. At this time I could not get through my contractions with out them and I felt I had the best support team. At 3:30 my son wakes up from his nap and my husband brings him out to our living room to be with us as his baby sister enters the world. I was so happy to see him and amazed at his calmness during this time of my labor. Only a few short moments after that at 3:35  I begin following my bodies lead to push, switch positions and sway my hips to move my baby down.  At 3:38 I feel my water break, and moments after that my body is telling me to bear down more to push this baby girl out. Very soon after that I am feeling my daughters head and I remember feeling an amazing sense of assurance and relief knowing exactly what was going on with my body and knowing that I was in  complete control of my body and my birth. Her head emerges as I am in a squatting position and Marve suggests that I lean back some to give her room, just as I am laying back I feel my daughter gently enter the world into my arms at 3:47 and I sob in such awe and joy that my baby girl is finally here in my arms!! 
My daughter and I have near an hour of uninterrupted time together skin to skin, nursing in the tub before her and I are ready to get out. My husband and son are close by and we are so joyous to be a family of four. Our birth experience was so amazing, my husband and I stayed up almost all night talking about how nice it was, so fast, so intense and so life changing. We woke up, had a baby, and now going to sleep comfortably in our own bed as a family of four. How surreal and such an amazing experience it was.
Thanks to my midwives, husband and Placenta Benefits; I am 3 days postpartum feeling absolutely great and able to enjoy every moment with my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband! Though I felt I would be pregnant forever, I had the most amazing experience home birthing and we are now on the other side enjoying our baby girl, nursing, nipple butters, peri bottles, pads, placenta pills and that heavenly smell of newborn milky breath! I am one happy and extremely blessed mama. 


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