DeAnna Fossett’s (baby Ford) birth story

DeAnna Fossett's (baby Ford) birth story

Weighing baby Ford Fossett

My journey into motherhood has been a quest to say the least.

After a vasectomy reversal, 2 artificial inseminations and 4 invite fertilizations I finally found myself pregnant.  I guess you could say people were surprised at first by my choice to have a home birth. I’m not your “typical” homebirther people would say. Maybe because I’m an overly vain esthetician? Lol! When I decided to make the decision to have birth at home, I don’t even think I knew what I was embarking on. I just knew being in a hospital and having doctors poke and prod my newborn was NOT something that I was going to be up for. I found Marvelys via the Internet and a referral from a friend.  After my first time meeting with her, I was beyond confident that she was the perfect Midwife to deliver this long-awaited baby. She even made my husband feel comfortable, who basically was just along for this crazy ride his wife decided to embark on. The level of care that I received over the 9 months I was pregnant, supersedes any care that I feel I could have gotten from an OBGYN. For my first time being pregnant, being able to have Marvelys at my fingertips night or day was extraordinarily comforting. She always answered my questions with love, care and concern even though they were all probably just “me being paranoid” questions. I came into my 40th week of pregnancy in no time at all and with no complications. And then my water broke! Saturday morning at 2:30am it broke. My mom and my sister rushed over and then later that Saturday my two girlfriends showed up, because honestly how long could this take? We were having a baby!

DeAnna Fossett's (baby Ford) birth story

Birth team!

Marvelys came to see how I was doing and everything was going well although my contractions were far apart. I was safe and the baby was safe but my labor just wasn’t progressing as quickly as most women in labor  would hope. Then saturday night came my contractions speed up and then slowed back down. Now here we are on Sunday doing everything we can to get my labor jump started again. It wasn’t until Sunday night at 10 o’clock did I start to go into active labor. By then my family was exhausted and were excited at the arrival of Marvelys and the birthing team. Needless to say it was a marathon. There were definitely points where I felt despair but I had Marvelys confidence that everything was going to be okay and my baby was going to come into this world exactly how I planned, at home. At 9:20 on Monday morning I gave birth to my son Ford King Fossett. People ask me all the time if I would do it again and although I wouldn’t hope for it to be 56 hours again, I definitely wouldn’t change one thing.  I did it, and if I can do it, so can you.  It’s an incredible journey that women should feel empowered to achieve. Its motherhood and I had the absolutely best experience with Marvelys, being in her care. Marvelys and her birthing team will forever be in my heart and apart of this kooky family.

-DeAnna Fossett

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