Indrani O’Callaghan’s Birth Story

Birth Story of Indrani
Indrani O’Callaghan’s Birth Story
It is team work!
Not having the knowing or confidence in the natural process, I consented to intervention after intervention. After 3 days, my induction failed (translation-I failed) and was whisked away to the operating room where my son Gage was born surgically. While I was grateful for his safety, I had an awful recovery form the surgery both physically and spiritually. I had always thought of myself as a strong woman but felt I was victimized and assaulted after the delivery. Looking back now, it wasn’t the OB, or the staff or even the interventions that failed me…it was my own unpreparedness to deal with what my labor was to bring me that led to my suffering.
     Two years later I was pregnant with my second son. I was elated to learn that my HMO had Midwife Sally Eakerns on staff.  She was very kind during my visits and patiently listened and calmed my fears. She was okay with my decision to go over my due date by 10 days. During the pregnancy I stayed open to all possibilities that labor and Birth could have brought me, whether it was a vaginal delivery, Cesarean Birth, interventions… whatever. This time I prepared myself by reading all I could get my hands on and took a childbirth class. I never spontaneously went into labor and once again had to be induced. I was terrified of being in a hospital again but gave my will over to Grace and surrendered to “what will be will be.” It was only after letting go that I was able to let the interventions work properly and I gave birth to my second son, Ian, weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 8oz. Although I was strapped to a bed with tubes and wires hooked up to every orifice, I was able to deliver vaginally! The experience of reaching down deep inside to find the strength that I never knew existed was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.
     While I thought I was all done having kids, destiny had a different plan for me. In the fall of 2007, I discovered that I was pregnant for a third time. I was sad to learn that my HMO didn’t permit midwives to deliver in their chosen hospitals. I knew the depth of my strength and resolve and had confidence in my ability to birth naturally and didn’t really care who would be attending my birth. You can imagine my surprise when the nurse-practitioner dismissed me by telling me that Doctors and Hospitals didn’t “do VBACS” any longer and that they would schedule my Cesarean! For months I fought with them to do it “my way”-I brought them articles and books that supported the safety of VBAC’s. But because of the insurance company’s policies, they simply weren’t willing to change. The nurse-practitioner suggested that I hire a doula. Through an internet search, I stumbled upon the Las Vegas Natural Birth Community. Low and behold…I found homebirth midwives who delivered VBAC’s! Right away I contacted Marvelys Lopez and interviewed with her. I had an instant bond with her and knew that she would travel with me on this final journey of birth.  In May 2008, I birthed my first daughter Indrani Diana 8lbs 6oz, at home by candlelight in a labor pool with my sons, my husband and friends and family gathered around. It has been, so far, the most humbling and empowering personal experience of my life.


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