Koryn Rigotti’s 3 Birth Stories

I have had three 
births with Marvelys Lopez. My first child, Crist, was born March 1, 2008. It was a long labor, 19 hours to be exact. It started with my water breaking at 10pm on Friday night. Active labor began around 6am. It was a much longer labor than I had anticipated, but Marve & my family made it the most comfortable it could be during that time. By 6pm on Saturday night, I wanted to be done. I was exhausted and baby Crist kept crowning then going back up. It was when I reached this point, that it was finally time for Crist to arrive! He was born at 6:37pm on Saturday night. It was an amazing experience and so peaceful to be in my own home with loving family around to support us. 
So, we got pregnant with baby #2 in 2010 and we knew we were doing home birth again. The pregnancy went really well until I developed pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks. I wasn’t too worried the first week, but by 38 weeks, Marve said we would need to induce and that scared me! I kept thinking I would end being transported to a hospital and I didn’t want that to happen. But, Marve, reassured me that we had to this for the baby’s health and my health. The morning we went to her office to be induced, I was surprisingly calm and ready for it. My husband was very supportive and kept speaking truth to me and reminding me that everything was going to be ok and we would be meeting our baby girl very soon now. After I was induced we waited for a bit to make sure things were progressing nicely then we headed home. I started getting strong contractions half way home and by the time we got home (40 minutes later), active labor had begun. I went to the bathroom and my water broke. I knew this was it, but I was nervous again because contractions were very strong and coming very fast. All I could think about was the 19 hour labor I had with Crist and thought, “I can’t do this for 19 hours! There is no way!”. With Crist, it was a slow progression into active labor and even in active labor I had a bit of time to rest between contractions. This time was so different. My husband called Marve and she came down right away and her assistant, Naomi, who lived closer to us, arrived immediately. My husband barely got the pool filled and I was ready to get in and push. I remember looking at Naomi saying, “She is coming! I have to push!”. And she calmly told me to go ahead and push. Marve arrived right before I pushed our daughter out. It was a short 5 hour labor from the first contraction after being induced to her being born! I was so relieved it was over and it didn’t last 19 hours! Unfortunately, 48 hours later, I had an anxiety attack from my progesterone levels dropping severely. I had never had an anxiety attack before, so I thought I was having a heart attack. We went to the ER, not knowing what was going on. Long story short, everything came back fine and no Dr. was ever able to find anything wrong with me. But I continued to struggle severely with anxiety and depression so I kept searching for someone who could help me. I finally found an Osteopath Dr. and a clinical nutritionist who were able to help me regain my health. I was so excited because I had live for a year with all these crazy symptoms and not feeling well.  
I said we were done having kids after everything I went through with our second pregnancy, but God had other plans and we got pregnant again in 2012. I wasn’t scared though because I had found the right people to help me regain my health so I knew if anything happened postpartum again, I would know who to call. But I believed from the beginning that everything would be just fine because of all the nutritional changes I had made. Plus I made sure to exercise all through my third pregnancy to keep a healthy weight gain. I also had decided to do placenta encapsulation again like I did with my first. My third pregnancy went really well all throughout. Had a beautiful labor and delivery lasting around 8 hours total. I felt great after and haven’t had any postpartum issues at all! I give God all the glory for placing the right people in my life to allow my health to be restored, have beautiful births and a happy postpartum. I am so thankful to Marve, and all she has done for our family. We are forever grateful to her for being a part of our beautiful home births that have all been unique in their own way. No birth is ever the same!


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