Lukas Mertz Birth Story

  • Giovanna,Sophia Student (assistant), Kristie Godfrey (doula), Marvelys Lopez (midwife) (from right to left).
  • Giovanna nursing baby for the first time.
  • Meeting the family!
  • Daddy is cutting the umbilical cord
  • Lukas is getting exam on daddy's arms.
  • Hello baby Lukas!

One of my best friends in Peru “water birthed” her first child at home and had the most wonderful experience

 I was immediately drawn to it, imagining how wonderful it would be to totally relax and float through labor in my own personal space, a familiar environment.

Because I believed that everything in the birth of my baby would be perfect, the first step was to find the perfect midwife for us, Marvelys. For her the most important thing was to keep us informed. On regular basis, she gave us a bunch of her books and videos to help us become educated and set the right expectations for what would happen before, during and after the birth, including if any complications arose. By the 36 week of pregnancy, we felt mentally and physically prepared for welcoming Lukas into the world.

My contractions started at 2 a.m., but we thought that they would go away. At 4:30 in the morning we realized that Lukas was coming and called Marvelys. As usual, she answered the phone right away and asked a few questions to have an idea how far into the process I was. At 7 in the morning, the special pool for the water birth was already installed in Lukas’ bedroom that had previously been decorated with white candles. As we listened to relaxing background music, Kristie Godfrey, my doula, and Marvelys were already next to us giving all the support we needed as new parents. Everyone was ready but Lukas who decided to arrive later that day. It was 9:54p.m when his head popped out with a very relaxed expression as if saying “Mommy, take your time.” Finally, two minutes after, he was on my chest. Those moments afterwards, as we were looking at my very alert newborn infant, supported by the water, were magical for me and my husband!
I highly recommend home and water birth as a safe, gentle and joyous experience. Each birth is the creation not just of a baby and new mother, but of life-long held memories which will forever be cherished and reconnected with every birthday. I felt totally safe, supported and comfortable during the whole process. Lukas’ birth was a wonderful experience and I look forward to doing it all again!


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Lukas Mertz Birth story

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