Natasha’s Birth Story

Hello my name is Kely and this is my story:
I met Marvelys through a friend of mine, who told me how amazing it had been for her to give birth in water instead of at a hospital. I was very excited about this, even after relatives and friends tried to encourage me to do it in the hospital, saying that having the baby at home was too risky. Finally the day arrived. It was like 9 p.m. when I started having contractions and immediately called Marvelys. She instructed me on how to do some breathing to relax over the phone, but I was in too much pain, so we decided she should come immediately.My husband started blowing the pool and filling it out with hot water, and I decided to get into the pool. As soon as I got in it, I felt a little relief even when the contractions were getting closer and more painful each time. When Marvelys arrived, I was probably having contractions every 3 minutes. She started showing me new positions to help my body relax and also make the birth easier. I had to drink a lot of coconut water to keep myself hydrated.I consider myself a good student, so I tried to listen carefully to everything Marvelys was telling me to do, she was there all the time for me and made me feel comfortable. She was also updating me on how close I was to give birth, and that was making me stronger and helped me to keep on working on my breathing. Finally baby Tasha decided to come. It wasn’t difficult. I just put abit of an effort to help the baby and there she was. It was an amazing experience. I just had a little situation after the baby was out, when part of the placenta stayed inside. I could have been taken to Emergency at the hospital, but Marvelys fixed the problem at home. My baby is perfect, my husband and I are so happy that she is so healthy. I feel very pleased with Marvelys, because even after the baby was born, she would always pick up the phone to answer any of my concerns and help me with any issues with the baby. She is very knowledgeable, about labour, during the labour, the post-partum stage and baby care. We are very thankful with everything she did and keeps on doing for us. I would recommend her to everybody who wants to have the same amazing experience I had.


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