Sabrina’s Birth Story

Sabrina's Birth Story
Her experience and personality puts her in a class of her own. She truly believes in what she does with passion and is here to help and support any expecting mother. In her care, we felt comfortable with the idea of a home birth, which we weren’t quite sure about at first. Her thorough care and knowledge made it really easy to trust her, feel comfortable and excited about birthing our baby here at home. We want to share our story with you.
Morning of Aug.1st, 2007:
It started at 11:32pm, when I woke up with contractions that had gotten stronger and I couldn’t sleep any longer. I got out of bed, walked around, went to the bathroom and about 45 min. after continuous contractions, I woke up my husband, told him that I believed we had started active labor. For about 45 minutes he timed the contractions, which had become so strong, that I held on tightly onto him as I sat on the toilet. It was very intense and I was starting to get scared if I could go through this. I told him to call our midwives and he finally did at about 1am. Jill – one of our midwives said, her or Marve would be there within the hour.
Sure enough by 2:20am, by that time, the contractions had become so strong that I had the urge to push. We were so glad Marve showed up and I was about in tears with the intensity and seeing her – being relieved she was with us.
When I told her I had the urge to push, she said: “we have to check you now”,”lay on the bed”. We barely managed to get me on the bed. I thought I couldn’t move because the contractions were one right after another. Marve told my husband to call regarding the birth tub and he did, but when Marve checked me, I was 100% effaced and dilated, + 3 Station – and in transition, she told him to call them back and cancel the tub. It wouldn’t make it for me to use, because we were going to have our baby NOW.
Marve had laid out everything on the bedroom floor and told my husband to put the instruments in the oven to sterilize them. I couldn’t believe he would have to leave me, but of course that was more important. Marve was right there with me, so I wasn’t completely alone and her continuous support, assurance and comforting me was exactly what I needed. Even though it was just my husband and our midwife Marve, he managed to help her and yet to help me, too. He did great!
At this point, the contractions were back to back and no breaks to come. The urge to push was so extremely strong, that I couldn’t contain myself from pushing. I leaned over the birth ball and held on to my husband – being on all fours – I squeezed his arm, but let go in my pelvic area. Our baby was rocking back and forth with every push and I felt like I wasn’t making any progress, until Marve told me that with every push, we’re getting closer. That motivated me as well as when Marve informed us, after checking our baby’s heart rate with a handheld Doppler that said everything was fine and our baby didn’t mind being in the transition. I was so glad to hear that and motivated to help our baby as much as I could. So I pushed beyond what I thought I had strength for, as Marve used olive oil around my perineum to keep it intact. Hot compresses were applied as well and they gave me great relief. I felt everything and even though the area started to get numb, I was quite aware of everything and the progress we made.
Then Marve said that she was able to see our baby’s head and that it has a full head of hair. We started smiling and I got really excited. With the next two pushes, I worked beyond what I thought I was capable of and our baby’s head was out. That was an incredible feeling. Then there were the shoulders, when Marve instructed pushing and then some, I did and whoosh – our baby slipped right out. I just felt this warm gush and relieved feeling of her being born. What an incredible journey!
Marve gave us our baby to hold, we looked at it and – it was a girl! Our little Sabrina was born. Perfect in every way. Marve put a hat on her and my husband and I held her together while she was checking the umbilical cord, etc.
We turned me around and Sabrina laid on top of me and we were covered with a blanket.
It was such an incredible feeling, finally holding my/our baby…
She truly looked perfect, no cone-head, a full head of hair, and beautiful skin color and rosy cheeks – just beautiful.
Once the umbilical cord stopped pulsating, Marve cut it and about 10 min later, I felt the urge to push again – and my placenta slipped right out. After looking at it, Marve mentioned that there was a tiny spot of calcification – meaning – it was time for our baby to be born and that that was a sign of the placenta starting to deteriorate.
Exactly full term plus 2 days of pregnancy and a perfect, wonderful, short yet very intense birth.
Shortly after, my husband was holding on to our little treasure. Marve got me some O.J and my husband made breakfast for all of us.
After the shower, I went to bed, my husband and Marve washed our little One, weight her and Marve checked everything on Sabrina. Then I got her back and we tried breastfeeding, but I think Sabrina and I both were quite tired, so we got ready to sleep. But before I was told I had to eat something and we all had breakfast in our bedroom. Marve educated us on the other things regarding my healing and our baby and left at 6:30am and we went to sleep.
We are very blessed to have had such a wonderful experience, birthing our baby here at home – even in our bedroom. We are truly grateful all went well and I’m healing nicely. No tears, but a rug-burn and fatigue. We are so very blessed to have had Marve with us, deliver our beautiful little angel and we will always be truly grateful for everything she is, knows, her compassion and passion. She will always be in our hearts.
It’s two weeks later now and I’m feeling pretty good. Perhaps a bit tired at times, but very very happy!!!

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