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Thankful to the Lord for Marvey!

I have had home births for all of our children and had used several different midwives but for baby #5 I wanted to find a different one again. With every midwife I used in the past I had felt as if something was lacking. A friend had highly recommended Marve so after reading about her training and knowledge along with her medial background and great reviews from other mothers, I decided to make an appointment, for a free consultation. After meeting with Marve, I knew immediately I wanted to use her. I had used a midwife in the past that was professional and knowledgable but lacked warmth and compassion and vice versa but Marve truly is the whole package and has all of those qualities and more. Marve taught me more than I had learned from previous midwives re: nutrition, appropriate supplements to take, prenatal and postpartum care, etc.... She spent a lot of time with me at each appointment and I never felt rushed. She answered my many questions, as I had forgotten some things since the last baby! 🙂 Marve has a plethora of information to help educate mothers during every step of pregnancy and for postpartum care. Marve provided a special postpartum care session including an aroma therapy/massage and also provided postpartum care to baby and me for 2 months after the birth. That was a nice surprise as the previous midwives did not provide that extra care. Marve has a very kind, compassionate, and sweet spirit which helps one feel at peace while in her company. I truly had a great home birth with Marve. Her assistant-Judith is also wonderful!! They are a great team! You would be wise to use Marve!! If we do have baby #6 we will return to Marve for sure as I would not have a reason to look further!! I praise the Lord and I am forever thankful to Him for leading me to Marve!

Para ser honesta, esta es la primera vez que escribo una critica (no soy buena expresando mi sentir) pero no podia dejar pasar esta experiencia sin decir lo maravilloso que fue mi parto con la ayuda de marvelys, desde la primera consulta que tuvimos supe que estaba en el lugar correcto, es una persona extremadamente preparada, con mucha experiencia y dedicación... ama su trabajo y eso se refleja en cada visita, se toma su tiempo para aclarar todas tus dudas y esta disponible a cualquier hora para lo que necesites.me considero muy afortunada de haberla tenido a lo largo de mi embarazo y especialmente en el nacimiento de mi nena, el cual fue maravilloso.cuando nacio mi bebe ella notó que mi placenta se veia algo anormal, ella supo exactamente que hacer, por lo que la mandó a analizar a patologia para descartar cualquier anomalia, afortunadamente al final todo salio bien, ´pero su experiencia y conocimiento medico me hizo sentir segura y en muy buenas manos,en cada visita prenatal yo senti que estaba hablando con una muy buena amiga.de verdad agradezco infinitamente su gran trabajo, y su gran corazon ella es simplemente la mejor.

A beautiful Beginning

If you are a mother who is wanting to become empowered by a home birth experience,I would look no further than Marve. She is simply the best at what she does. She is a gentle balance of everything. Not only is she an endless wealth of knowledge, but she has an entire library full of information in order to educate mothers about every aspect of their pregnancy. It's wonderful that she does not tell mothers WHAT to do (like a Dr. would) she simply provides you with information and allows the mother to make the best choice for her and her baby.The thing I love most about her is her calm,and welcoming spirit that allowed for an incredibly peaceful and wonderful water birth at home. I love the fact that she is familiar with the "medical" side of things as well, having been a physician in the beginning phase in her life, and she can analyze and look at situations from both perspectives, offering a healthy balance of what might be truly necessary and also the fact that she takes the less invasive, hands off approach (unless you, the mother, say other wise). She is always available to answer any questions and it is such a relief knowing that her information is always true and consistent.She is an incredible midwife, person and confidant whom I am thankful to call a friend. I joked with her about having to have another baby soon so that I can see her more often. Marve, I am forever grateful for your friendship and care. I will continue to refer everyone I meet to you because I know you will provide them with the best. You are the greatest 🙂

I wanted to take a natural approach to my pregnancy and childbirth, and was referred to Marvelys by a friend. After my consultation with Marve I knew she was the midwife for us! She is very kind, warm and welcoming, while always being extremely professional. Whenever we had questions she always had extremely knowledgeable answers. A lot of the times at our appointments she would give us information that would answer the questions we had before we even got a chance to ask them! She gave us the best care, and we always felt safe and confident under her supervision. I had an all natural home water birth just like I planned, and I couldn't imagine it without Marve at my side. She made me feel safe, secure and well cared for during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a midwife, or a home birth.-Aurora N.

A blessing

I cannot say enough about the high level of care I received with Marvelys. She was truly a blessing during this wonderful journey. My husband was very concerned about having a home birth, but Marvelys was incredibly patient and reassuring with each question, which allowed my husband to be at ease. Her dedication to her patients is demonstrated through her constant availability by phone or email, as well as, incredible thoroughness during appointments. She has a gentleness and respect for pregnancy and the birthing process, allowing nature the space and time to do what it should. Throughout our prenatal care she empowered us with unbiased knowledge and research regarding important decisions we had to face. Now as we have had our first baby through a successful home birth, the excellence in care continues postpartum. She goes above and beyond to make sure not only the baby thrives, but that the mother does as well. At just the right time, she provides a nurturing appointment for the mother only, which is something magical. I truly felt as if she were washing my feet -- her kindness and care brought me to tears (and not just because of sleep deprivation 😉 ).

A patient of Marve's is truly a blessed patient. I would recommend her care without hesitation to an expecting mom.

Marvelys is a God Sent

Today I experienced a postpartum massage at Sweet Beginnings full of essential oils, peaceful music, cupping therapy, and a ceremonial closure. It was simply amazing. Words cannot explain the level of service Marvelys provides while under her care. Not only does she give it her all, I believe she goes above and beyond for the good of her clients.

When I think about Marvelys and my experience at Sweet Beginnings, I get emotional. I always knew, if I was to ever have kids, I would give birth at home. I knew that I wanted to give birth in the comfort of my own home and create a peaceful, holistic environment. However,I had no idea I would receive the level of care and love that accompanied my prenatal and birthing experience. Marvelys Lopez is a God sent and the work that she does is clearly her calling. After our initial consultation, we were impressed with the plethora of information she shared with us. You could clearly see her passion and how much she cared for women and their natural birthing experience. The prenatal care we received was more than we could ask for. We never felt rushed, as with other health providers, our appointments ran a minimum of an hour. Marvelys thoroughly answered any and all questions we had. In addition she always gave us our options backed with research for us to read and make decisions for ourselves. The Sweet Beginnings library is full of DVDs, books, CDs and more that touch on every pregnancy and birthing subject matter you could imagine. Marvelys stood by us when we experienced difficulties in our pregnancy, supporting us with her strength and love, recommending us to the best specialists in town. And we pulled through it together, as a team.

Marvelys had us write down and visualize our birth day, and when that day came our vision became reality. It was one of the most amazing, peaceful and loving days of our lives. Marvelys and her assistant Judith came to our home in the middle of the night like two angels prepared to serve. Our family was able to participate and we were all in tune and on one accord as we delivered our beautiful baby girl. It was such a loving experience, bonding with our baby as her umbilical cord pumped the last bit of blood from the placenta. It all now feels like a dream.

As I reflect from the time I found out I was pregnant to now; I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a great husband, a supportive family, and a wonderful midwife, Marvelys. Her knowledge and wisdom accompanied with her nurturing and gentle spirit is hands down the best health care experience one could ask for.

We consider Marve family now

Marve was so reassuring to my husband whom was not certain about all this home birth stuff, initially. I was nervous whether I could do it, as this was my first time pregnancy, but everything Marve did was empowering. Although the drive was far for us, I looked forward to my appointments with Marve. She took plenty time to discuss any concerns we had and the part where we checked on the fetus was always so gentle, special, and comfortable.
We had a surprise breech birth, (the baby moved in the last week)! Although it was a fast labor and the baby were to be born in the frank breech position, Marve was calm and confident, which helped me. I would recommend Marve over and over again.

by Ned and Kareena Murphy on Sweet Beginnings Midwifery Care
After our free consultation I was really impressed!

VBAC-2. My wife started talking to me about a vaginal at home birth for our 5th child when we were 25 weeks pregnant. I really wasn't interested considering that our previous 2 babies were born via caesarean section. I was really worried, however, my wife talked me into meeting with Marvelys Lopez. After our consultation I was really impressed. I learned so much about child birth and babies that I had no idea about from our previous 4 children. Because of our good feeling, we decided to go ahead and stick with Marvelys and have our baby at home. Words can't describe how amazing this experience was. The day of the birth Marvelys, Erica, and Judith (sorry if I mispelled names) came over to our home. They were awesome! All three of them had different strengths and really helped us feel like we were in good hands. True professionals! We are so grateful for their skills and that they followed their callings in life. I truly didn't know a thing about having babies after our first 4 children. After this experience with Marvelys's team, I feel like I could be one of those guys in a Hollywood elevator scene and deliver a baby if I had to. This was BY FAR the best birth experience we have ever had. I still get emotional thinking about it. Thank you so much Marvelys, Erica, and Judith! We will never forget you! I hate to talk about money, but I must say that the price of an at home birth was much more affordable than a hospital, and we got 100X the value.

by Kristen Fischer on Sweet Beginnings Midwifery Care
an amazing woman and a gifted midwife

If you are visiting this website, you probably already have a homebirth on your mind. In my opinion, you owe it to yourself as a woman and mother to meet with Marve and see if homebirth is right for you. Finding Marve and having a home birth for my second child was one of the best things I have ever done! My first birth was a natural, non-medicated birth in the hospital and resulted in the healthy of my beautiful first daughter. But my home birth was a magical, empowering experience I am so grateful to have had. My husband and I both agree that we learned more about pregnancy and birth during our initial consultation with Marve than in all the doctor's visits from my first pregnancy. She continued to provide this level of support and education throughout my pregnancy and up to present day (more than 2 years after the birth). The level and quality of care you will receive from Marve cannot be matched by a doctor's office. She always took the time to review my health (mental and and physical), offer suggestions and insight, and educate me about what was happening with my body and my baby. All those tests you do at the doctor and then never hear about again...not so with Marve! She explains the reasons for the tests, your results, the implications of those results, and possible courses of action. Nothing is ever done TO you; everything is done WITH you. She even has a library of books and DVDs for mothers to use as resources. It was one of the many reasons I looked forward to every visit with Marve. I so appreciated Marve's kind and compassionate nature. I always felt so comfortable with her, which is tremendously important with such an important relationship as midwife and mother. Being able to give birth to my second daughter at home was such a gift. She was born in the water, and then we moved to my bed. I had bleeding complications with my first birth, so Marve was prepared to deal with them with this one when they arose. I was in my bed as Marve examined her and then I got to nurse her again before she met her sister and then went to sleep. Marve checked on us by phone and in person several times over the course of the first week at home. I never wavered in my confidence in Marve or her abilities to care for me and my daughter. It was like night and day compared to the hospital experience-having a home birth was so much more conducive to bonding and family and peaceful recovery. Even after the six week visit (with a special amazing experience for the mother), Marve has continued to be a source of counsel and wisdom for me in areas of my own health and that of my children. She is an amazing woman and a gifted midwife. Marve came highly recommended to me by a family friend and the doula that assisted me during my first birth. I pass on that high recommendation to you.

Marvy has been my midwife at both of my births. Not only is she strongest link at both of my births she is the kindest person I have ever met. Yes thats right, "ever" met. During my first birth my daughter would not come out and without Marvy i would have had a C-section. I have been so blessed to have met Marvy 5 years ago when I fell pregnant with my first child. She introduced me to a whole new world of valuable information for me and my family. She has been there for me when I needed her and I am so grateful for her services. I will always recommend her to any woman that I know or meet who is about to have a baby.

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