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My name is Judith Sapphire E. Gold. I am a CBE Teacher, Midwife Assistant, married and mother of 6 children. Since I was introduce to home birth 2005 in Maryland, having my son (4th child) born breech at home,  I have fallen in love with home birth. Working as a Midwife Assistant contributed to it, too. I believe whole heartedly in the midwife model-of-care and contribute to it. Born and educated in Germany I worked as an ICU Nurse.

My last two babies I had with Marve as my midwife and it was a wonderful experience I wish for every mom to have. Marvelys and I became friends and when she was in a need for an assistant I stepped in, not knowing then, that I will keep coming to many more birth.

Currently I am working as an Assistant Midwife to my midwife Marvelys Lopez, CPM.  For 4 years I learned how moms give birth at home as well as in the hospital setting. I attended over 160 birth, have delivered one baby by myself (the birth went so fast), and I am currently working on my certification for the Childbirth Educator through Birtharts International.

I believe I bring strength and confidence to the mom who gives birth and birth team present. I love to encourage and uplift every mom, working together with Marve as a team helping moms to get the best home birth experience when possible. I work confidential,  I am responsible and have integrity.



Danielle has been a student midwife with Sweet Beginnings and studying at Midwives college of Utah since September 2016. She is currently studying for her bachelors degree in Certified Professional Midwife. 

She grew up half of her life in Orlando, FL and the other half in Panama City, Panama. She decided that she wanted to be a midwife when she had her daughter in December 2015. She seemed out a natural, safe, non-intervention way of birth with quality, personal care from her midwives in Kauai, Hawaii. Although she did not have her baby at home due to preterm labor, she did experience prenatal care with local midwives. The experience changed her view of birthing and made her realize that birthing should be in the hands of women, where they feel comfortable, and how they desire. She realized that there was a better, more intimate, and more empowering way of birth. Birth is not an illness, it is a natural process. It should not be controlled and medicalized if not necessary. Midwifery became her calling, and she entered the birthing community through birth photography. She has now attended over 20 births with Marvelys and has been a part of hundreds of prenatal and postpartum visits. She is certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. Danielle is competent in assisting during prenatal visits, labor, newborn, and postpartum visits. Her goals are to continue to evolve and grow as a student midwife and gain every experience that she can in order to serve mothers and babies in her community.

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